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Garbage Disposer Repair

Garbage disposer repairViking Refrigerator Water Leak Repair. Read more ... »

Garbage disposers have been banned in some communities because it is believed that they complicate the sewage systems. But in most places, they continue to be essential and legal. For a time in the olden days, every new house or kitchenWe can help you select the right appliances for your home. Read more ... » had one. Though it’s no longer true, garbage disposers are considered still a popular applianceWashing Machine BOSCH. Read more ... ». This is because they are a really useful tool, which comes to use almost daily. Garbage accumulates on a daily basis and disposal of the same has to be done daily. Garbage disposer, also known as the food waste disposer, is normally placed under the sink in the kitchen. This helps in trapping the big food particles and churns them into bits and pieces and then passes them through the sewage system.

Garbage disposers were initially invented and used with the intention of reducing the garbage disposal in the public places on account of household waste. But technology has been evolving on a daily basis. There are newer evolutions in the field of science and technology now. So, even the modern day garbage disposers have undergone a change. There are now many high tech garbage disposers that effectively process organic solid food scraps into fertilizer products. These are also known as bio-solids. One can even get a garbage disposer unit that, with the help of advanced facilities also help in capturing methane for further energy production. It can thereby be said that, garbage disposers are eco friendly and nature centric.

Garbage disposers do their duty by centrifugal force. That’s where their core competence lies in. When you turn on a disposer, the motor turns a flywheel very rapidly about 1,700 revolutions per minute. This forces the garbage against the container and the whirling shredder, reducing it to particles small enough to be washed down the drain. So long as you use cold water, and don\’t put metal, wood, glass, or other hard materials into the device, it will work most of the time. Sometimes it can clog and restart only with a push from a broom handle or something similar. You push the flywheel in reverse of normal clockwise direction. Some deluxe models have an automatic reverse feature which doesn\’t require the broomstick when a clog occurs.

A good garbage disposer with proper drainage should last 15 years minimum. This is not an exact estimate, but with regular and timely garbage disposer repairs, you would be able to fully recover the disposer’s worth that you had spent on it initially. You could always take the help of the many repair technicians available at All America A-Best Appliance Service Company. Just make a call and book your appointment today. Never delay solving a problem with your electronic appliance, no matter how big or small they seem to you. Bring in a professional technician for guidance.

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